Student Member Resources

One of the many perks of being a member of AOCPMR is that you have access to resources that are made just for you! Check them out below!


NEW! Check out a quick reference guide on OMT for the PE!

View OMT Basics for the PE here!


Watch the AOCPMR Resident Panel from 7/22/2020 Online:

If you missed the panel, or want to refer back to it, watch the full event here!


AOCPMR Exemplary Service Award:

Have you been engaged in AOCPMR? Have you served people who have physical disabilities? Have you gone out of your way to immerse yourself in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, or at least as much as you can as a medical student? Then this is for you!

AOCPMR student members have a great opportunity to be formally recognized for all the hard work, service, and interest in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Those members who actively fulfill the following requirements and activities will be eligible to receive an AOCPMR Exemplary Service Award to formally acknowledge their accomplishments. Click here for the application. Please send a signed & completed application with a copy of scientific manuscripts &/or abstracts (if applicable) to [email protected].

If your school does not have an AOCPMR chapter, a faculty professor may sign instead.


Journal Club Discussions

Check out the latest Journal Club Discussions!

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How To Write a Case Report and a Review of Literature:

Our amazing Student Council Research Committee has put together valuable material to help you write your case report and review of literature. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact them at [email protected] - we are here for you!


AOCPMR Research Spotlight Application:

Have research that you think others would enjoy and benefit from reading? Feature your research in the AOCPMR Weekly Update, an email newsletter that we send to all of our members. Click here for the application. 


The Pathway to PM&R:

Feeling overwhelmed with medical school and want to give yourself the best chance to match into PM&R? You’re in luck because The Pathway to PM&R document is a comprehensive, year-by-year guide you can refer to when deciding on how to best use your time and energy to make that dream of becoming a Physiatrist a reality! Check out the Pathway to PM&R guide here!


AOCPMR Project Ask

Third and fourth year of medical school is an exciting time as you begin audition rotations, interviews, and eventually residency selection. However, it is also filled with some of the hardest decisions of your medical career as you attempt to gaze into the future, hoping to glimpse how each decision will affect your chances of matching at your top residency program. Project ASK! was created by AOCPMR members in efforts to help ease this process for students by creating a new and easy way to share residency information. 

Please visit Project ASK! for more information!