Join the Resident Council

Applications are now closed. CONGRAULATIONS to those selected to the 2021-2022 Resident Council!


Check out the video below for an introduction to the Virtual CME Event and to find out more about the student and resident councils!



The vision of the American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is that we are dedicated to providing leadership for the PMR profession and to providing a home to osteopathic PMR practitioners.


  • Chair and preside over monthly meetings of the resident council and other meetings as necessary
  • Oversee the resident council officers to ensure that the duties of these officers are appropriately performed
  • Assist student and resident representatives in identifying activities and opportunities to strengthen relationships among PM&R students and residents
  • Serve as the AOCPMR executive council resident representative member
  • Present a summary of all resident counsel activities to the executive council on national conference calls and at meetings
  • Review nominations for AOCPMR resident council and recommend to executive Council members individuals for these positions

Vice President

  • Serve in the absence of the president
  • Assist chair members when needed
  • Oversee the distribution of the end of the year survey to graduating members to retain student and resident members.

Secretary/ Treasurer

  • Take notes/minutes on the monthly resident council conference calls and distribute these minutes to resident council and pertinent AOCPMR members
  • Retrieve and distribute contact information for members, mentors and speakers
  • Assist in distribution of national forms such as membership applications, etc. as requested by other resident council members or AOCPMR members

Membership Chair and Vice Chair

  • Work to recruit osteopathic and allopathic PM&R residents to the college and encourage their active participation as well as attendance at national meetings
  • Establish and maintain relationships with each PM&R residency through the help of elected regional representatives
  • Work to expand the number of resident members through innovative programs and initiatives and keep track of monthly membership totals
  • Assist regional representatives, as necessary, and facilitate the relationship between program representatives and regional representatives
  • Provide a monthly report of the membership committees activity along with current membership numbers and associated residency programs

Membership Communication Liaison

  • Work directly with the membership committee chairs and regional representatives in distributing national forms, promotional items and communications to individual programs

Regional Representatives (6 total: Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, South Central, Southeast, West)

  • Establish and maintain relationships with each assigned PM&R residency program with their respective program representatives.
  • Remain in regular contact with these representatives and disseminate information and material from the college and resident council to the representatives

Residency Program Representative

  • Distribute information from AOCPMR regional representatives to your residency
  • Be in regular communication with your regional representative
  • Provide a list of active AOCPMR residents, within your residency, and their contact information

Member Services Chair

  • Remain in constant communication with the chairs/leaders of each project , in the form of monthly teleconferences or emails, to ensure each project has all necessary resources
  • Assist with communication between the project chairs and other AOCPMR members/committees
  • Be responsible for the progress tracking document and creation of the annual AOCPMR Annual Report

Project ASK! Chair

  • Correspond with the AOCPMR membership committee and regional representatives to update the Project ASK! contact list and map to reflect to the current AOCPMR resident members and contact information
  • Continue to maintain, update and refine the current Project ASK! online components

Project “Make It Happen” Chair

  • Help residents establish funding for educational events and work to increase the number of these events by resident members
  • Maintain and update the project “Make it Happen” application form

Mentorship Program Chair

  • Recruit mentors/ mentees at national conferences and regional events
  • Work with the national student mentor chair to help facilitate mentor/mentees relationships
  • Collect and track data to show mentor–mentee matches and corresponding demographics

Residency Spotlight Co-Chair (2)

  • Communicate with AOCPMR program representatives to obtain residency spotlights for publication in the weekly newsletter.
  • Help maintain previous residency spotlight’s within our AOCPMR archives

Education Committee Chair

  • Oversee the activities of the education committee which includes the fellowship database, mid-year meeting planning committee and media liaison projects
  • Remain in constant communication with the chairs/leader of each committee (listed above) , in the form of monthly teleconferences or emails, to ensure each committee has all necessary resources
  • Assist with communication between the project chairs and other AOCPMR members/committees

Fellowship Database Committee Co-Chair (2)

  • Update and maintain the Fellowship database
  • Focus on improving marketability of present members to fellowships and provide residents with resources for CV improvement, interview preparation, etc.
  • Serve as a liaison for resident research opportunities and help expand the research mentoring program
  • Work with the mid-year meeting committee with planning a fellowship panel/fair at the mid-year meeting

Mid-Year Meeting Liaison (2)

  • Work with the executive council and student conference chairs in the creation of the educational program for the mid-year meeting.
  • Assist with the above chairs with organization of a resident, fellowship, research and/or job fair for the mid-year meeting.

Media Liaison (Educational Resources Development) (2)

  • Oversee and assist with the vision, planning, development and implementation of educational materials primarily for residents
  • Focus on making materials more accessible to resident members through online platforms or electronic applications
  • Help organize and distribute social media posts with the assistance of the social media chair

Website Chair

  • Work with the AOCPMR Executive Director and Webmaster to manage the content of the website and ensure that the content is formatted in a user-friendly fashion is relevant, and up to date

Technical Liaison (Project Development and Technical Support)

  • Provide technical support for the resident council and provide assistance to the website chair and media liaison in managing the website and social media platforms

Social Media Chair

  • Work to ensure that the content on Facebook, Instagram, etc. is formatted appropriately and that the content is correct, relevant and up-to-date
  • Ensure frequent updates and help establish a strong and steady social media presence