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AOCPMR Podcast

Recent Episodes:

Dr. Azlan Tariq: PM&R, Matching During COVID, and the Business Side of Medicine. Watch the episode here.

Dr. Karthik Sabapathy: Pain Medicine (Fellowship Series). Watch the episode here.

Dr. Peter Park: Journey to PM&R, PM&R Residency, Advice for Medical Students. Watch the episode here.

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Educational Videos

AOCPMR Lifestyle & Exercise Medicine Educational Video Series

Created by Jeff Young, Kinesiologist

Recent Episodes:

Scope of a 'Session' and a 'Week': How to Properly Design a Resistance Training Program. Watch here.

Merging Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning. Watch here.

Lifestyle & Exercise Medicine Educational Video Series Playlist


The AOCPMR OMM Video Series

Watch various OMM walkthrough videos! Topics include sacral dysfunctions, cervical HVLA, Spencer's technique for the shoulder, and more.

Recent Episodes:

AOCPMR OMT: Supplemental Walkthrough of Sacral Dysfunction. Watch here.

AOCPMR OMT: Walkthrough of Spencer's Technique for the Shoulder. Watch here.

OMM Video Series


A Day in the Life of a PM&R Resident

Dive into a typical day of a neuro-rehabilitation inpatient resident at the University of Kentucky's PM&R Program.

Watch here.


Past Events

AOCPMR Resident Panel: July 22nd, 2020

Watch here.

AOCPMR Podcasts