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The AOCPMR Podcast Episodes

  • Dr. Dragojlovic. Watch here.

  • Dr. Nathan Darji- Harvard (2021). Watch here.

  • Dr. Tompary (2021). Watch here.

  • Dr. Komar Patel on Brain Injury (2021). Watch here.

  • Dr. Aslan Tariq. Watch here.

  • Dr. Karthik Sabapathy on Pain Medicine (Fellowship Series (2021). Watch here.

  • Dr. Derrick Allred. Watch here.

  • Dr. Cosmo Kwok. Watch here.

  • Dr. William Niehaus. Watch here.

  • Dr. David Cifu. Watch here.

AOCPMR Research Committee Journal Clubs 

  • Low Back Pain with Dr. Jim Atchison. Watch here.

  • Surgical Approaches to Neurorestoration with Thomas Joseph Kelley, OMS2. Watch here.

  • Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Shannon Strader. Watch here.

  • Knee and Hip OA with Dr. Marc Larsen-Hallock. Watch here.

AOCPMR Education Committee 

  • Virtual Residency Fair Panel. Watch here.

  • Interventional Pain with Dr Jennifer Kendall. Watch here.

  • Intro to Exercise Science Part 2. Watch here.

  • Intro to Exercise Science Part 1. Watch here.

  • Bonus Content with Jeff Young. Watch here.

  • Shoulder Pathology with Jeff Young. Watch here.

  • Knee Pathology with Jeff Young. Watch here.

  • Brain Injury with Dr Craig DiTommaso 2021. Watch here.

  • High Intensity and Sprint Interval Training (2021). Watch here.

  • Aerobic Program Design for General and Special Populations (2021). Watch here.

  • OMM Video Series: Sacrum Walkthrough (2021). Watch here.

  • Scope of a Session and a Week: How to Properly Design a Resistance Training Program (2021). Watch here.

  • AOCPMR OMT: Supplemental Walkthrough of Sacral Dysfunction. Watch here.

  • A Day in the Life of a PM&R Resident (2021). Watch here.

  • First Principles of Exercise: Part 2 (2021). Watch here.

  • First Principles of Exercise: Part 1 (2021). Watch here.

  • Six Components of a Healthy Musculoskeletal System (2021). Watch here.

  • Warm-up vs Working Set: The RPE Method (2021). Watch here.

  • Merging Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning (2021). Watch here.

  • OMT: Walkthrough of Spencer’s for the Shoulder (2021). Watch here.

AOCPMR Conference Committee 

  • Program Director Panel Discussion (2021). Watch here.

  • Dr Gotlin’s Distinguished Fellow’s Award Meeting (2021).

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