Chapter Funding




$150 Seed Funding:

I am writing to confirm your awareness that AOCPMR has dedicated $150 annually for each chapter. Rather than calculating a percentage of membership fees for each student member and recalculating that number based on the growth of specific chapters (i.e. 25-50% of Membership fee x Number of new members per year), AOCPMR is offering an initial offering of $150 to each active chapter. Chapters may use the
AOCPMR Chapter Funding Request Form to take advantage of this funding opportunity. This is designed to help support chapter meetings and activities. AOCPMR is committed to and continues to subsidize and fund the Student Council and its members at AOCPMR-sponsored events throughout the year.


The AOCPMR Chapter Funding Request Form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Chapters may use this $150 toward food expenses for chapter meetings, to help a presenter with expenses or as seed money for fundraisers. If you want to use the money for something other than the things listed here, simply email [email protected] (ATTN Treasurer) for pre-approval. We hate to see a chapter apply for reimbursement and then learn that the expense is unapproved; it puts everyone in a difficult situation. Please note that the money does not need to be spent all at once. The yearly cycle for this funding resets each fall (at the AOCPMR Annual Meeting) and does not rollover if unused. Please note that you may not use the funds to pay for travel to a conference.



Additional Lines of Funding:

Chapters are strongly encouraged to utilize the resources available at their medical school for officially recognized student organizations. Polices and procedures for funding student organizations should be outlined clearly in the school’s medical student handbook, Student Life or Student Services documentation, or Student Government Association bylaws/policies. Additionally, funding is often available from local and national organizations involved in the areas of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, community outreach, medical education, and other student-centered fields.

In addition to the $150, chapters seeking additional funding from AOCPMR may request so utilizing the same form, with additional written explanation for the need for more funding. This can only be done after the $150 has been utilized.